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CY 103 Big Cat Live Trap

  • CY 103 Big Cat Live Trap
  • CY 103 Big Cat Live Trap
  • CY 103 Big Cat Live Trap

Information about the trap

Made from stainless 2 mm wire with dimensions of 29 x 31 x 102 cm, it is 5550 gr in weight. It is designed resilient and light for the easy capture of small-to-medium sized animals, especially cats. It is lockable, having a front and back release door and it is suitable for carrying. Its structure, mode of operation and function is the same as the trap number CY 102, differencing just in dimensions.

Target animals

It is especially designed for cats and little dogs. It can easily be used in other animals such as squirrels, badgers and rabbits.

Areas of usage and benefits

In controlling nuisance animals, it is especially used by municipalities, health institutions, factories, food and manufacturing sectors and collective housing complexes. It provides convenience and practicality in the measures to be taken in protecting the health of people and environment and preventing the spreading of many contagious diseases.

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