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  • Commercial Pest Control
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Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control Services

Our Job is to Protect Yours
The productiveness and comfort of your corporation in a pest-free and sanitized workplace is priceless. With the Bayer Protection Program it applies, Teknikturk provides your corporation with the best solutions in integrated pest control. Choose Teknikturk for pest control service for your home and workplace.
Be freed of insects with a “Pest Control Plan” especially for you!
Benefit from our free exploration service for finding out your needs!
Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Our Job is to Protect Your House!
With its 47-year experience, Teknikturk wards off pests and rodents that settled in your house with solution methods proven to be successful. Teknikturk, rendering services for customer satisfaction, is a member company of the Bayer Protection Program and applies pesticides to your house with high standards. Call us and let the pest infestation in your house come to an end with Teknikturk.
Teknikturk keep away insects from you and your family with the highest protection guarantee.
Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

Our Job is to Protect Your Health!
Teknikturk, conducting water tank cleaning services with international standards on public and environmental health, undertakes to apply all sanitation rules during hygienic sterilization. The health of your family and of those you love is safe at our hands thanks to the cleaning of your water tank at your building. • Call us and you, too, benefit from our high standard service!
Please have your water tank regularly cleaned for your health!
Live Animal Trap

Live Animal Trap

Our Job is to Protect Your Environment!
Animals on streets and rodents nesting in your manufacturing site... Our capture and carriage cages designed with consideration and respect for animal rights are manufactured for animals that you want to treat or harmlessly move away from where they are under humane conditions. Use Teknikturk Capture Cages for modern solutions in live capture!
Teknikturk, with live capture cages, ensures capturing animals easily, effectively, economically and quickly and without harming.


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